The 'Vision Restoration Graduate School' ('VIREGS) is a German-Chinese Graduate Program for Chinese, German and internatinal doctoral students who carry out a thesis project in the context of a structured research and education coaching program in Germany. It is a joint activity of different laboratories at the Otto-v.-Guericke University of Magdeburg and different research groups in China.

The common interdisciplinary research centers around the topic of vision loss and restoration after retina and brain damage. This newly emerging field in medicine and neuroscience rests on the observation that the brain has a tremendous potential for plasticity and activating residual visual capacities which can be utilized to help blind patients partially restore their vision. Especially in the aging population, but also early in life, retinal and brain diseases occur which can lead to serious vision loss. This included diseases such as amblyopia, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, but also stroke or trauma of the brain where brain regions are impaired that normally process visual information.

We are a group of enthusiastic researchers interested in the vision research and collaborate with other research institutes. Now we are looking for the brightest and most motivated students to join this mission in brain research!



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